Wendy McLaughlin

has been teaching yoga since 1999 and has been leading gentle and restorative classes at Point Reyes Yoga since 2005. Her personal practice was born when yoga helped her recover from back pain, and her approach has undergone many changes over the decades. Her initial emphasis on earthiness and structure has matured into a more etheric emphasis on the body's subtle energies. Wendy is interested in how the use of specific words can help the body access places and experiences that it wouldn't otherwise be able to. When the right words are used, she says, the body is sometimes able to bypass limitations created by the mind. A longtime yoga teacher, Wendy has also engaged in several fields of professional work including as a documentary filmmaker, associate director of Marin Organic, grant-writer for arts organizations, and middle school science teacher. Students have called Wendy a healer, a master teacher, and her favorite - a witch. Her classes are gentle, deep and might be just what the doctor ordered.