"Wendy's impressive knowledge of yoga and her sensitivity to individual needs provides a safe and caring environment in which all are encouraged to relax and learn more about our physical and spiritual selves.  I always feel better after practicing yoga with Wendy."

AG, Inverness


"Wendy is a wonderful yoga teacher. Deeply knowledgeable, clear and precise in her instructions and attentive to every student in the class. She taught me to move from the inside out and that the goal was to have the right form and do my best, not to achieve some ideal posture.  Her restorative classes are magical. Using gentle postures and imagery she takes both body and mind to a deep and profoundly healing state of relaxation. I have recommend her classes to both beginner and advanced students and everyone has loved them!"

CD, Point Reyes Station


"Wendy is absolutely the best.  Her yoga is not just about poses but about getting to know your body from the inside out.  She will teach you things you never knew you didn’t know!"
Peter B.


"I have had the pleasure of being guided by a number of gifted yoga teachers over the decades. One of them is Wendy McLaughlin, who has a very unique, deep and gentle approach. She has taken me inside my body in such a profound and nurturing way. It is with me always and everywhere - on the mat, as I breathe myself to sleep, when I take a walk.”

Suzanne d’Coney 

"I have had the privilege of experiencing Wendy's amazing yoga teaching for over a decade.  Whether adjusting my pose or sending me into deep parasympathetic relaxation or bringing my attention to an organ, Wendy is clear, precise and insightful.  She is welcoming to all and offers suggestions for accommodations when needed.  Many of her postural suggestions have been so powerful that I have carried them with me into all yoga classes and daily life.


"Wendy has an innate gift in leading Yin Yoga classes.  She leads students through a form of guided meditations, leading us through our physical and energetic bodies till we have arrived at our natural parasympathetic nervous system.  One departs from her classes, relaxed having stretched our bodies, opened our hearts and connected ourselves to the larger Self."

A. Hoffman